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Veterinary Oncology

Animal ER of University Park Cancer Care

We understand that facing cancer with your pet can be difficult. Our team in Bradenton is here to provide compassionate care for your pet every step of the way, from diagnosis to treatment. If you have been referred to us by another veterinarian, or if you would like to meet with our oncology staff, please schedule an appointment below. 

What is Veterinary Oncology?

Veterinary Oncology is a specialization within animal healthcare that treats pets with cancer. Our oncologists at Animal ER of University Park are equipped with the knowledge and training required to assess, diagnose, and treat animals suffering from cancers, tumors, masses, and secondary symptoms of cancer.

After completing veterinary school, our board-certified veterinary oncologists undergo an additional 5 years of study which they spend rotating through internships and residencies regarding every aspect of cancer treatment. Our team here focuses on treating cancers in cats and dogs. Learn more about our experienced veterinary team below.

Our Team

Your pet’s health, comfort, and quality of life are of the utmost importance to us. Animal ER of University Park offers the following tests, procedures, and treatment options to pets in the Bradenton area.

  • State-of-the-art diagnostic tools: Our top-of-the-line facilities and tools help us correctly diagnose lumps, tumors, and other symptoms in pets that may be a result of cancer.

  • Coordination with surgeons and radiologists: Our oncology team works closely with other veterinary specialties within our animal hospital in order to determine the best treatment plan for every pet that we care for. 

  • Coordination with primary care veterinarians: We regularly communicate with referring veterinarians so that we can work together to provide complete and effective animal medical care.

  • Surgery: Our oncologists work closely with our surgery team to determine if surgery is the best course of action for your pet. We provide surgical cancer treatments on site.

  • Medication: Our pharmacy can provide medication to help with your pet’s cancer treatment and to manage secondary symptoms that may arise as a result of treatment.

  • Chemotherapy Treatments: If chemotherapy is right for your pet, we can administer it at our hospital and monitor and manage chemotherapy within your pet’s treatment plan.

Cancer treatment plans and options often vary on a case by case basis. In addition to the above services, we may determine that your pet could benefit from other treatment methods. 

Animal ER of University Park is committed to providing you and your pet with the treatment, support, and information you need. We aim to provide the best quality of life to your pet while they are in our care. If you have any questions our staff is happy to assist you. You can reach our office at (941) 355-2884.