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Fax: 941.359.9936

Contact Teresa:

8237 Cooper Creek Blvd.

University Park, FL 34201

Emergency Services



The Animal ER of University Park Florida, LLC provides courteous full service emergency veterinary services functioning as an emergency and critical care facility. We do not serve as a substitute for your family veterinarian and as such do not provide routine services such as vaccinations, grooming, or boarding. The Animal ER is designed to complement the services provided by the family veterinarian, providing a diagnosis and treatment to patients who suddenly become ill or injured. Clients should present their pets to their family veterinarian after a visit to the Animal ER of University Park for follow up care.

Some of the services provided by the Animal ER include but are not limited to…

       • In house analysis of CBC/Chemistry/                        • Coagulation Profile

         Electrolytes/Blood Gases

       • Radiology                                                                   • EKG

       • Endoscopy                                                                 • Blood Pressure Monitoring

       • Ultrasound                                                                 • Nebulization

       • Oxygen Therapy                                                        • Soft Tissue Surgery

       • Crotalid ANTIVENIN                                                  • Fresh Frozen Plasma

       • Both Canine and Feline Transfusion                          • Microchip Scanning


       • IV Fluid Therapy                                                        • Full Surgical Suite including

                                                                                              Anesthesia Monitoring

       • Isolation Facilities                                                      • Cytology

       • Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine                              • Canine Parvo/Ehrlichia/Lime

                                                                                              Heartworm Testing

       • Canine Pancreatic Lipase                                         • Feline Leukemia/Feline

                                                                                             Immunosuppressive Virus/

                                                                                             Heartworm Testing

       • Both Direct and Float Fecal Examinations                • Lactate Testing

       • ACTH and Bile Acids                                                • Access to an Ambulance

                                                                                             Service for transportation of pets

Internal Medicine and Neurology Specialists available for consult. Specialists are available for referral or consult at Gulf Coast Veterinary Oncology, Critical Care Veterinary Services or Blue Pearl Sarasota.




We hope we never have to see you, however if a visit is required, we understand it will be while you are under a great deal of stress as your beloved pet is experiencing an unexpected illness or injury. Our goal is to make the visit as comfortable as possible while letting you know what to expect.


  • First you will be greeted by one of our receptionists who will ask for general information regarding you and your pet.


  • Next either a veterinary assistant or a certified veterinary technician will assess the pet to ensure they are stable enough to wait in the reception area. This is called Triage.


  • If your pet is not stable, your pet will be transferred directly to the treatment area to be examined by one of our veterinarians. The doctor or technician will give an update as soon as possible.


  • During this time, you will be asked to fill out a “check in form” which provides us with important information about yourself and your pet, and will also give us permission to treat your pet. Once a room is available, a technician or veterinary assistant will take your pets’ vital signs and history regarding this visit, medication being administered, and any pre-existing problems.


  • The veterinarian will then exam the pet and gives recommendations regarding diagnostics and potential treatments.


  • The veterinary technician or veterinary assistant will present the treatment plan regarding the diagnostics and treatments prescribed by the Veterinarian.


  • If the problems identified require hospitalization, we will make all attempts to make the visit as comfortable as possible. All pets are provided a bed and excellent nursing care.


  • You are more than welcome to call to get updates regarding your pet while hospitalized.


At discharge, your regular veterinarian will receive a fax of the medical record so continuity of care will not be compromised. You will also be given any radiographs or other diagnostic results to give to your regular doctor during the follow up visit with them. In addition, you will be given instructions regarding care at home and a copy of the medical record of the visit.

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